How to Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day Survival Kit

If you follow the tips below on how to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, you’ll not just survive the holiday, but thrive. 


Plan ahead

Valentine’s Day may be a week away, but this happens every year. You think you have time, and then BAM, the 14th of February is already here. The more you wait to make plans and gifts, the more stress you’ll experience once you realize how little time you’ve left yourself.

Sometimes it’s ok to cheat

No, we’re not talking about cheating on your partner. That would be a quick way to ruin Valentine’s Day! But, I do know how difficult it can be to find the perfect present at times. That’s why I encourage you to cheat and take notes. Use the ‘Notes’ application on most smart phones to write down anytime you hear your partner talk about their likes, interests, hobbies, or even specific items they say they want, but would never buy themselves. The great thing about this kind of cheating, I’m sure your partner will be fine if you do it again and again, even on your anniversary!

Make communication fun

Most folks for Valentine’s Day take time to think about their relationships, focusing on things that they’re happy with, parts of the relationship they’d like to work on, and future goals with their partner. If you’re already thinking about these topics, play a game! Take turns asking each other these three questions:

  1. What part of our relationship are you most proud of?
  2. What’s something in our relationship you would like to strengthen?
  3. What’s a goal you have for us by next Valentine’s Day?

End on a great note

After having a lovely time doing the activity you planned ahead, exchanging gifts from that helpful cheat code, and having fun communicating, it’s time to end on another high note. You may have come across things you would like to see changed in your relationship throughout the day or while playing the game. Instead of letting those thoughts get you down, take comfort in knowing that it’s never too early or late to tweak or change things in your relationship. If what you’ve tried hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time to try something new and let me, a licensed couple and family therapist help. Fill out the form below letting me know you’ve read this article and what else may be on your mind. I’d be happy to respond and let you know the ways I can help.

You’ve survived!

Hope these tips and tricks will help you and your partner have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, this year and every year!



Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help you!




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