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Raising teens can often feel overwhelming, but we all can remember that being a teen can be even more difficult.  It’s a physically and socially tricky path to navigate, and a lack of confidence and direction often leads to strained relationships and uncertainty about what lies ahead.  This is why Teen Therapy and Teen Life coaching is often so valuable.

Our teen therapy clients leave the process more confident about who they are, the value they provide to your family, their peers, and society.  The most rewarding aspect is that they can find their passions and set sound goals to get there in the future.

Common Areas of Focus During Teen Therapy

  • School Stress We’ll work through how to process the social and academic challenges of middle school, high school, and the first years of college.  You can learn about our School Stress focus here
  • Encouraging Communication The teen years are often the times where communication can start to really break down between you and your teen.  We’ll work through whatever issues are causing this breakdown.  This will greatly help your teen understand the value and freedom from sharing both the challenges and exciting aspects of their life.
  • Anger Issues The teen years are often the time when the effects of early childhood stress and trauma can come to the surface.  The most common symptom of this trauma is anger.  Like our communication focus, we’ll work through whatever they’ve processed, and help them to both control and eliminate abnormal levels of anger.
  • Planning for the Future Teens also face a number of challenges towards the end of high school and the beginning of college.  Uncertainty often circles around college choices, areas of study or even just how to best contribute to society when they become an adult.  The Teen Life Coaching focus of our Teen Therapy helps to give your teen the confidence they need to make these choices and commit to them.
  • New Diagnosis Whether your teen was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, or something else, we’ll discuss the best avenue to support your teen.  In addition, we can work together if you have a diagnosis and are concerned about the impact on your teen and your family.


I encourage you to contact me if what I said resonates with what you feel your teen needs at the moment.  The next step will be to set up an intake appointment and create a personalized, tailored treatment plan to achieve your teens’ goals.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help you!



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