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Why work with me?

My mission is to help your family achieve your goals, strengthen family connections, and further develop your child into a successful human being through family therapy.  I recognize parenting as a rewarding part of our lives while appreciating the level of stress and frustration that comes with it.  I believe parenting is at its best when you are at your best.  That is why I’m excited about the idea of working with you and your family. You have shown that you care and are committed to your family’s success by trying counseling.

My Kind of Family Therapy

I work with you to create a formula for success. My background and training as both a mentor and licensed therapist set me apart. You took the first step by doing your research and checking out my services, and if you’re comfortable with my style, let me put your family on the path to reaching your fullest potential by contacting me.

  • Solutions & Tips You may feel as though you’ve exhausted your efforts, and having a professional to assess and assist you can be beneficial. The idea is to do more of what works, and tweak what doesn’t work.
  • Kids Acting Out Feeling like you’ve lost control, live in chaos, and are wondering why they’re acting this way. I’m here to help sort it out and restore a healthy balance to your family.
  • Parenting Disagreements are common amongst couples. Maybe you feel entrenched against your partner, parenting issues are coming between the two of you, or you have different views on raising children. Whatever the situation, I’m here with solutions.
  • Family Structure is key to stability. This can be thrown off and in need of support when becoming a single-parent, blending families, becoming a step-parent, raising your first child, adding a new baby, or fostering/adopting. Let me help you navigate these waters.
  • Talking to Kids about various topics such as grief, divorce, or other significant life events can be difficult. I can guide you in having conversations on their level and in a helpful way.
  • New Diagnosis Whether your child was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, or something else, we’ll discuss the best avenue to support your child. In addition, we can work together if you have a diagnosis and are concerned about the impact on your child and your family.

The Next Step

If you’re looking to start finding those solutions and changes you’d like to see in your life, getting started has never been more easy and convenient. Use our user-friendly online booking to find a time that works for you and your family.

Still have questions? That’s okay too!  Whether you want to know the benefits of private pay, if your policy will cover my services, when appointment times are, or even what to expect from your visits, please visit our FAQ page.