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As the leading online therapy practice in Savannah and Atlanta, we strive to make high-end quality therapy convenient and work for you. We’re big believers that therapy should be an overall positive experience including accessibility.

Work smarter, not harder.

Traditional, at the office therapy, has become a thing of the past. We understand some still might have a preference for it, and believe it’s actually best suited for children under the age of 8. Having said that, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients the best therapy available. Yes, we do this by having an amazing group of therapists, and also by providing convenient counseling that fits the needs of our clients. Working with your therapist through easy to use online therapy is a practical and smart solution in today’s world.

What’s the difference between office therapy & online therapy?

Online therapy is still therapy.

We understand that people might have concerns about meeting virtually or online for therapy because they’re not sure if they’ll get the same “thing,” as being at the office. Rest assured, the beauty of online therapy is you’re still working with a local (Savannah & Atlanta) and highly qualified therapist through easy to use technology. You’re working with someone who is going to make you feel heard, understood, validated, challenged when needed, and invested in helping you reach your goals.

Additional benefits to online therapy

Fits a modern lifestyle (convenience)

Instead of worrying about commuting, travel time to and from appointments, taking time off of work, etc. you can just hop on your laptop or phone wherever you have a strong connection.

Reduces anxiety associated with therapy

Instead of sitting in a waiting room with other people and being in a new & unfamiliar place, you can meet from the comfort of your own space or choose a space for online therapy that makes you feel comfortable like outside in nature while walking.

Works from wherever you are

Instead of having to be dependent on meeting where your therapist is, you can meet from wherever you are. Whether it’s easier to stay home because of a disability, have chosen to live the quiet life and live far from an office, traveling for work or more, you can still meet with your therapist.

Consistency, it’s key

Instead of having to cancel therapy because of a lack of childcare, travel, called into work, etc. It’s easier to make the time to just hop on your laptop or phone for therapy than coming to the office with all of that going on.

At office therapy vs. online therapy

Office Therapy


Anxiously keep an eye out to leave on time


Fight traffic to the office

parking area

Look for a parking spot

waiting room

Sit in a waiting room


Meet with your therapist


Pack up & leave office

parking area

Find your car


Fight traffic to your home


Settle & reflect

Online Therapy


Friendly reminder 10 minutes before

do not disturb

Meet from wherever


Hop on your laptop or phone


Meet with your therapist


Relax, reflect & act

The Next Step

If you’re looking to start finding those solutions and changes with online therapy, getting started has never been more easy and convenient. Use our user-friendly online booking to find a time that works for you.

Still have questions? That’s okay too!  Whether you want to know the benefits of private pay, if your policy will cover my services, when appointment times are, or even what to expect from your visits, please visit our FAQ page.