Marriage Counseling Savannah GA - Family First Therapy

Below we have included some of the couples counseling resources we love and we invite you to check them out. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to check out our Couples page to learn more about your local resources.

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

This is the first book we recommend to our family and friends when they start a serious and committed relationship. And yes, Steve has even given this book as a present because he’s a therapist…it’s what he does.

Connections Questions Game

Getting to know your partner can be fun and intimate. Below you can click on a link that will bring you to a great article with 36 questions you and your partner can ask one another. Hopefully, as you get further into the questions you find a deeper connection. This is one of our favorite date night activities for our couples. Enjoy!

The Gottman Institute

I love The Gottman Institute and their resources. The image below is a great snapshot of the different components of couples counseling when working with a couples therapist like myself. As always if you have any questions or this seems like something you would like, reach out because I’d love to hear from you.