10 Reasons Why Couples Therapy May Not Be A Bad Idea

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The Wisdom & Benefits of Couples Therapy

The phrase “We need to talk” can be the most disheartening topic of conversation for any couple. It could potentially mean that a touch no longer feels the same or that one person doesn’t have feelings for the other like they used to. By expressing this simple phrase we are playing a romantic Russian roulette by sitting down and hashing out the issues of our relationships. The discussion can go well but without proper solutions to issues, they can grow and create bigger problems for the future.

By seeking couples therapy or mediation you are able to deplete the amount of uneasiness by inviting a listening ear that can offer guidance by creating eye to eye scenarios that one person may not be able to express to their spouse at the time. There are however, many benefits of couples therapy in regards to the topics discussed. Here are 10 of the most common.


1) Same Book, Different Page

In a world that told us to think Disney, our lives just happen to be more reminiscent to a Grimm Fairytale. Make sure that the life plans that you have are aligned with your spouse. It is difficult to move forward if one party is afraid to commit while the other finds comfort in the confirmation of “I do.”


2) The Dream Chaser

The most selfless endeavor in your life is improving it; It’s an admiring accomplishment when you receive a new job or even a promotion that receives a higher salary. But what if that new job has unruly hours or that new promotion is located half ways overseas? News such as this can throw you and your partner’s life off balance and lead to one person making an unwilling sacrifice for another. Before making rash decisions such as this It is important to discuss these changes in order to understand where each person stands on the idea of their flexibility for the future.


3) The Lifelong Student

Pomp and circumstance may just be the most fear inducing song of all times. It leaves one wondering what now? The fear of the unknown is overly common but it  is a necessary experience to promote independency. But when one partner is already in the “real world” and the other is still trying to figure out what to do for with their future. This can leave one partner running back to school and running back to debt. According to a 2015 report by CNBC the amount of student loans are at a trickling $1.2 billion that is steadily increasing. Debt is a balancing act in a relationship that is inescapable but accumulating unneeded expenses can place a damper on future plans of buying a house, vacation, living expenses, or retiring.


4) Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome isn’t just for parents, It can also be for their children too. For over eighteen years children have relied on their parents for support, nurturing, and dependency. Unfortunately, when you’re well into your into your 30’s the idea of getting small favors from family such as raiding the pantry for groceries or asking for a financial loan can pose a threat  not only your family but also your spouse. The actions of borrowing to make ends meet can create a level of uncertainty surrounding your financial future together.



5) My Lips Are Sealed

Lying is a horrid habit that starts small and soon becomes a burden on any relationship. Telling a fib about something as small as not unloading the dishwasher on Thursday or something as big as your whereabouts on a Saturday night is enough to build mistrust. Trust is a golden rule for any relationship and losing the ability to do so for couples can lead to parting ways or creating a pattern of unwarranted secrecy.


6) A Family That Prays

The term opposites attract are apparent even in faith, Religion is a very important part of our identity. If it is very important to your spouse then it has to become important you as well. Working on building acceptance for each other’s beliefs can benefit you both in the long run and can help create and maintain structure in the household.


7) The Unemployment Blues

We’re living in a time where job seeking is a full time job in itself. Losing a job or even trying to find a job in your career can make the job seeking spouse and the working spouse disconnected from each other. The working party may feel that spending only their income may be stopping them from doing the activities that want to do. While the job seeking spouse may have a hard time dealing with the idea of not being able to contribute to the household or using their skill set in their intended careers. It is important to talk out these issues in order to generate support for one another and encourage each other until the unemployment slump is eradicated.


8) Too Much of  A Good Thing

Making love is another way that many couples are able to communicate. Often times, having the physical part of the relationship can place little or no importance on the mental or spiritual growth that needs to develop. Body language is a very connecting concept but so is being strong in spirit and mind. Make sure that your partner sees your body as a temple and not as a habit.


9) Playing Doctor

Handling your partner’s health isn’t just a physical problem like the flu. This can also mean caring for their mental health as well. Dealing with a life threatening illness or a battle with depression needs around the care help that sincere words and flowers cannot fill the void of. Seek professional expertise in order to get the right care for your partner. The experience of helping them get through this time can create an unbreakable bond and allow you to know how to deal with what their going through.

10) Gone Too Soon

Losing a loved one can happen at any time. It is a situation that can be too much for anyone at at any age. Helping someone become comfortable with their loss is a process that may leave them feeling distant and alone. During their transition establishing your motivation to be there for them can make them feel more content. Having someone else also talk to them during this process can create a sense of care and help them realize that there is a brighter tomorrow.


Knowing the benefits of couples therapy should give you the confidence to take the first step and get on the road to a Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help you!




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