Finding a Savannah Counseling Service That’s Right for You

Congratulations on taking the first step in acknowledging that you’d benefit from help in some area of your life. Now comes the part of picking a good Savannah counseling service that you’ll feel comfortable opening up with.

When you’re looking for a Savannah counseling service, here are some factors to keep in mind during your search.

Try to identify what you’re hoping to gain from the sessions.

Although it is certainly not necessary to have a list of topics that you’d like to talk to a therapist about, it does help to have a general idea of some things that might be bothering you. The counseling process tends to unfold naturally, so a topic that you may have thought to be the major issue may turn out to be a result of a completely different issue.

For example, many people reach out to a therapist when faced with anxiety, anger, depression, or facing a significant life step. Once again, it’s not necessary to be in any of these situations to benefit from a therapy session. Sometimes it’s simply beneficial to be able to vent and talk with someone who isn’t a family member or close friend.

Research the different types of therapy.

For example, while some counselors may only specialize in a particular area, at Family First Therapy, Steven counsels in a variety of topics.

  •  Couples Therapy is great for partners who are hoping to build a stronger connection, improve communication, or maybe have recently divorced and are trying to find a safe, healthy way to sustaining a peaceful relationship.
  • Family Counseling can help in a significant way, such as dealing with children who tend to act out, talking to kids about traumatic or stressful events, or simply maintaining a stable family structure.
  • The ADHD and Autism Therapy offered at Family First blends research-based, collaborative, and organic approaches to uniquely tailor the sessions to what would benefit your child and your family the most.
  •  Life Coaching can benefit people of all ages by helping them build confidence, increase the quality of their relationships with friends and family members, and outline goals and direction for major life steps.
  • Lastly, Family First Therapy specializes in School Stress. Anxiety and stress from classes and homework can lead to low self-esteem or depression, but by working with a therapist, you can get to the root of the issues and create solutions.

Treat the first appointment like a date.

A number of articles and websites state that this is, perhaps, the most important thing to remember during your search for a therapist. You’re looking for a comfortable connection, someone with whom you’ll feel like you can speak freely with—anything less than this means that you’ll only be depriving yourself of a truly beneficial counseling experience.

It’s always a good idea to call first. Gauge your reaction to that initial conversation. Ask about their theoretical background, if they operate on timelines, or any other questions you might have. If by the end of the phone call you feel comfortable to take the next step, then book your first appointment.

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