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When one thinks of life coaching, the benefit for teenagers is probably not high on the list of things that pop into your mind. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) enough, this age group of people can benefit the most from having a life coach.

To start, it’s important to clarify the difference between a life coach and a therapist because their basic premises differ slightly. A therapist (or psychologist or counselor) has gone through various stages of education and works with a client to analyze his/her thoughts and behaviors. However, life coaches offer more of an emotional support, aiming to help the client through major life obstacles and getting them to find the solutions that they already possess within themselves. Many therapists go on to become life coaches, or (in the case of Family First Therapy) current therapists combine the two and offer both services.

When it comes to life coaching for teens, we’re not talking about the same kinds of sessions that adults may ask for—ones filled with guidance on securing that big job or taking the next step in a serious relationship. Life coaching for teens would be focused on the issues, situations, and pressures that they’re faced with: stress from classes, peers, parents, and society in general.

For Teens

Everyone remembers the pressures of being a teenager. But imagine if you had had the opportunity to speak with someone about those stressful moments? For example, what if you had a mentor to help you figure out some possible outcomes for post-high school life? Although a teenager’s knee-jerk reaction might be to scoff at the idea of seeking life coaching (as some may attribute the social stigmas of therapy with this method of self-help), discussing the benefits with them may help change their mind.

Some ways that life coaching can benefit teens include:

  •       building a solid foundation of self-confidence
  •       strengthening social skills
  •       fostering new, healthy relationships
  •       increasing the quality and substance of family relationships
  •       learning how to channel and manage emotions in a healthy manner
  •       aiding in the creation of life and goal direction
  •       inspiring a sense of motivation for their goals

The environment that is offered with a life coach is another benefit. These safe spaces give teens the chance to talk about difficult subjects, such as relationships and/or bullying, ones that they might not feel comfortable talking about with their parents. These conversations are also being facilitated by an objective, non-judgmental mentor, who will help them see the world and their unique situations through a fresh perspective.

For Parents

As we mentioned, teenagers are typically quite reluctant to reach out to their parents as the first line of help when a difficult or stressful situation arises. Having this third-party life coach intervene on you and your child’s behalf could really benefit both parent and child.


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