3 Easy Steps to Have a Closer Family

So many people today are focused on their electronics. Spending a lot of time on their computer and looking at their phone. Sitting down with one another to talk and catch-up has become a lost art.

People want to connect with one another. I love my job because in my office we all come together, sit down, talk and connect. Here are three quick tips to help you start at home.

1.     Choose a space. Maybe it’s the soft couch with all the pillows, that kitchen table that usually holds delicious meals, or that comforting car ride with no distractions.

2.     Agree on a time that works best for everyone to meet. Maybe it’s during dinner, after school/work, or before bed. This is a good time to decide how often you want this to happen. Everyday? Once a week?

3.      Set ground rules. Nobody wants to sit down to talk if they think it’s going to be a negative experience. Some of my favorite rules include taking time-outs when someone needs a break and giving each person a compliment in the beginning.

If you follow these three simple guidelines, then you will be setting yourself up to increase the communication and strengthen the connection between you and your loved ones.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to help you!




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