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Compassionate Child Therapy

Parenting is such a rewarding challenge. As you know, every child is different and because of this, every child has such unique traits. These feed into their ability to interact and behave with their parents, siblings, and other children and adults. As a result, our approach to child therapy is specific to the needs of your child. We’ll meet them where they are, and compassionately and patiently take them to where they need to be.

Common Areas of Focus During Child Therapy

  • Active and Engaged Therapy We’ll work through developing the interpersonal skills, that will allow your child to interact in a positive manner when playing with their friends, siblings, and classmates.
  • Overly Quiet Personalities Children often have a difficult time expressing how they feel, what they need, and confidently interacting with other children. We’ll work through the triggers that can shut down communication, and help your child open up.
  • Aggressive Behaviors & Meltdowns Aggressive behavior in children is common and not always easy to pinpoint. We’ll find the source of this behavior. Then we’ll give you the tools you need to confidently parent your child out of this.
  • School Avoidance & Poor Performance These can be signs of a child suffering from anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, depression, and more. We’ll help you find out why this is happening and help your child work through their inner turmoil.
  • New Diagnosis Whether your child was recently diagnosed with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, or something else, we’ll discuss the best avenue to support your child. This includes supporting you as the parent, regarding the impact it may have on you, your relationships, and added stress.

The Next Step

If what I’ve mentioned makes sense or interests you, I encourage you to contact me. We’ll set up an intake appointment and create a personalized, tailored treatment plan to achieve your child’s goals. Use our user-friendly online booking to find a time that works for you.

Still have questions? That’s okay too!  Whether you want to know the benefits of private pay, if your policy will cover my services, when appointment times are, or even what to expect from your visits, please visit our FAQ page.