autism reources

There are many ways in which I’ve worked with families regarding Autism and ADHD. As parents you may be curious about your child’s new diagnosis, have general questions, or wonder how to support them. Maybe you notice your child could benefit from learning social skills. Perhaps you feel lost trying to navigate the schools in order to get the best education and support for your child. As their caregiver, single-parent, or as a couple, have you experienced the extra stress that comes from having a child on the spectrum or with ADHD? Do siblings struggle with their brother’s or sister’s diagnosis and how to interact with them? Let’s work together to help your child’s “everyday” become a “better everyday.”

My Style

My approach is unique in that it is organic, research-based, and collaborative. I not only work with your child, but also their support network including your family, their school, prescribers, primary care physicians, and anyone else involved in their life.


If this sounds familiar, helpful, or if you’re curious to learn more, let’s continue the conversation by working together.